Road Safety

There is a deafening silence with regard to Noise Pollution. Vehicle honking in traffic dons the dubicious cap of being the largest noise maker throughout the world. Unnecessary honking causes noise pollution.

According to the World Health Organisation, Noise pollution is only second to Air Pollution in its impact on healt.Noise disrupts activity & balance in life. A major cause of hearing loss, it also associated with heart problems, learning difficulties and sleep disturbances.
Road Safety is an awareness campaign initiated by CII – Young Indians to reduce noise pollution from unnecessary honking on our streets.

Effects of Vehicular Noise Pollution includes

  • Increases Blood Pressure
  • Risk of Heart Attacks
  • Mental Stress
  • Behavioural Change
  • Hearing Loss
There could be a need to use a horn while driving . A short beep is usually adequate to alert drivers around us. Use your horn in emergencies and not to vent your frustration. It will not clear traffic jams , nor will it change the colour of the signal.
As a part of this campaign we hope to earmark “Horn Not OK Zones”, please contact us at to initiate the same in your residential locality or workplace. We also seek your support in commemorating January 13th as the Horn Not OK Day.
Vedanth Girish
Vedanth Girish
Shrenik Sipani
Shrenik Sipani